Instrument sources

Reuning and Son Violins, Boston, MA - Great violin and bow store; Dave bought two of his fiddles there

Carriage House Violins - Excellent store, which is now the instrument sales division of Johnson Strings; Dave bought his Noel Burke bow there

The Music Emporium, Lexington, MA - My local friends, source of new and old mandolins, guitars, banjos, and more

Johnson Strings, Newton and Cape Cod, MA - Large selection of violins for sale/rent. They carry Dave's fiddle books & CDs also, and have nice modern bows

Vermont Violins - Lots of violins at different price points from my friends up north

Jon Cooper - Fine violin maker; Jon made Andy Reiner's super 5-string fiddle for him.

Barry Dudley - Good maker of 4- and 5-string fiddles, from both standard and exotic woods (Made Dave's 5-string fiddle!) - Internet violin auctions by respected dealers (sometimes with Boston viewings)

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Fiddle tune sources and other fiddle resources

Recordings of Dave Reiner posted to Fiddle Hangout - Enjoy!

Fiddle Resources - An absolutely amazing collection from Mickey Koth, including a link to tune collections on the Internet.

Oldtime Fiddle Tunes (John Lamancusa) - Sheet music, field recordings, and midi from an old friend of mine. Don't miss it!

Tune Collections in Unusual Keys, and Sound Files for Tune Books - Great content maintained by Larry Warren of New Hampshire.

O'Neill's Music Of Ireland and more - Sheet music for this venerable collection from Chief O'Neil of Chicago and other free sheet music

Slippery Hill Resources - Oldtime music book sources and oldtime websites - can find tunes by key, fiddler, and more

The Fiddler's Companion (Andrew Kuntz) - Look up any tune to find all you ever wanted to know, plus ABC notation for tunes

Old Time Party - An archive of Southern traditional ("vernacular") music, with loads of info and recordings

JC''s Tune Finder (John Chambers) - Finds many versions of tunes in ABC notation from all over (can view in many ways)

ABC Resources - Helpful links for understanding and using ABC music notation

Richard Robinson's Tune Book - 3500 great tunes in Scottish, Irish, Scandinavian, English, French, and Balkan styles

David Kaynor's Tunes - Originals and many more tunes from my good friend David Kaynor (including pdf of Bayard's Hill Country Tunes)

Tune Collections on the Internet (Mickey Koth) - Quite a comprehensive listing and set of links

The Session - Huge number of Irish tune transcriptions and information

Ryan's Mammoth Collection (1050 reels, jigs, and more) - From 1883! and other free music

Irish Traditional Tune Index (Alan Ng) - Nice searching and analysis capabilities

Carp Celtic Jam - Excellent versions of tunes in their tune book

Traditional Celtic, Irish and Oldtime Tune Book (Glenn Weiser) - 500+ tunes and links to many other online tunebooks

The Roots Music Listening Room - Wonderful collections of older recordings (mainly from 78s) in many music traditions

Juneberry Collection of Old 78s - Another excellent site; go to the Listening Rooms

Traditional Music Library - Bluegrass, oldtime, Irish, Scottish, and much more

Identitairs Québecois - More than 400 traditional French Canadian tunes with recordings, lists, links

Tuneswappers - Videos of great tunes you need to know from Andy Reiner

New Hampshire Oldtime Fiddle Website - Good PDFs, explanations, and history thanks to Peter Yarensky (also see his country dance pages)

World Fiddler (Jim Doran) - Recordings, videos, and advice on technique in several styles; under construction

Prairie Mountain Fiddlers - Good pdfs of sheet music for these tunes played in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Fiddle Tunes from Bernie Waugh (Peter Doyle) - Nice collection of PDF and ABC versions

Mel Bay Publications - Publisher of Dave's fiddle books and many other fine folk music books and CDs

Fiddler Magazine - You should subscribe! Great articles and tunes, and fine website with links to fiddle camps and much more

Musical Traditions online - Many articles and other resources from this fine magazine

The Field Recorders' Collective - Fantastic source recordings, from my late friend Ray Alden and other collectors

Sanger's Guide to Irish Fiddle - Check out this sensible advice

Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier: The Henry Reed Collection - Kudos to my late friend Alan Jabbour for passing along these great tunes from his mentor

Scottish Country Dance Tunes - Many pdfs thanks to Bruce Shawyer of Corryvreckan

Folkwiki of 1680 Swedish and other Scandinavian tunes - Not in English but very useful

FolkLib Index - to many bluegrass and oldtime music sites

Blue Rose (Scandinavian) - Karen Myers' excellent site for Scandinavian musicians

Salyer MP3s - I think this is a free download from the great oldtime fiddler John Salyer (thanks to Paul Muhlrad) 

Wendy Anthony's Oldtime Tune List - Good tune list with pointers to MP3s and videos

SessioNight - Tunes, pointers to other tune sites (Irish, old time, Cape Breton, Scottish, etc.)

Recommended Listening for Fiddlers - One person's good list with descriptions and links

Violin Online - Nice writeups on the basics

Fiddleicious - Don Roy's site with tunes passed on in Maine from Scottish, Irish, Quebecois, and Acadian ancestors

The Anatomy of a Violin - Suggested by Cindy Powell and her Girl Scouts

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Fiddle and mandolin discussion forums

Fiddle Forum - Online community and excellent discussions, sponsor of Fiddle Hell

Fiddle Hangout - Online fiddle community with a lot going on, has quite a few of Dave's recordings

FIDDLE-L - List server for this discussion list

Maestronet - Mainly classical focus, some fiddle discussion

Mandolin Café - An online gathering place for discussions and classified ads on mandolins (tuned just like fiddles!)

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Musical happenings

Fiddle Hell - Jams and workshops for fiddlers in Westford, MA, Nov 5-8, 2020

Mandolin Camp North - in Charleton, MA

Boston Bluegrass Union - Shows and jams in the Greater Boston area, and yearly Joe Val Festival

Club Passim - Folk club extraordinaire in Cambridge, MA

Mugwumps Online - Info on vintage string instruments from my late friend and musician Mike Holmes

Northeast Heritage Music Camp in Starksboro, Vermont - A very enjoyable camp with world class instructors!

Barb Diederich's Bluegrass Links and Lyrics - Excellent resource from Barb

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Our websites, including Fiddle Hell

Dave's links - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more

Fiddle Hell Massachusetts - Info about Fiddle Hell logistics, schedule, and registration

Fiddle Hell Massachusetts Facebook group - Messages, discussion, online jams

Cynthia Eid Designs - Cindy's Metalsmithing and jewelry site

Andy's Patreon page - Support Andy - music, podcasts, lessons

Andy's personal site - Andy's River of Suck podcast, compositions, tunes, movies, etc.

Skiing Fiddler Blog - Andy's ski movies and photos (Dave's in some of them!)

Earth String Band - Andy's bluegrass / oldtime band that was on tour in Southeast Asia - Read their fascinating blog!

Eric's personal site - Eric's music and recordings

The Moving Violations - Eric's contra dance band

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How about a CD or fiddle book?

Here are the latest CDs from the Reiner Family Band and from Eric and Andy, and classic and new fiddle books from Dave and Andy.

Want a Fiddle Lesson?

Dave's been teaching fiddle lessons in the Boston area for years, and knows a lot of excellent tunes in bluegrass, oldtime, Irish, swing, and other styles. He can show you the best bowing patterns, demystify chords and theory, and help with variations, backup, and contests. Click here for lesson details.

Where Can You Hear Us Play?

There’s nothing like listening and dancing to a live band! While we can’t quite invite you to the weddings and private celebrations where we play, the good news is that the Reiner Family Band and its members play at various public festivals, concerts, dances, and events.  Click here for upcoming events, and click here to see past events where we have played.

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